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Beaufurn restaurant chairs and Beaufurn restaurant furniture fit your creative vision and your budget - beautifully. Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor restaurant seating, barstools, or tables,we're sure you'll find the perfect fit for your project in our collection.
Restaurant - brought to you by BEAUFURN - Beautiful Furniture - Designs that Fit

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It takes a unique company to create unique restaurant furniture.

Products that fit our customers' unique and ever-changing needs. Quality, style and price are balanced in an expensive offering of well-designed commercial seating and tables. And Beaufurn is one of the few furniture manufacturers that can provide truly custom products to the marketplace.
"This is a very exciting and creative business. And it's a very challenging business. That's what I enjoy the most."
Bill Bongaerts, President

Environmentally Friendly

Beaufurn is committed to 'going green'. Our new line of environmentally-friendly pieces are just the start. Be sure to check back regularly to read more about our Green Initiative as we post the latest news on this site.
Brew Nerds - Unique Restaurant Chairs
At Beaufurn you can get exactly what you have in mind.
Don't see a product that's a perfect fit for your project? Contact us and we can work with you to develop unique restaurant furniture.